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We have a combined experience of 40+ years in microelectronics, computer science and sensors


We have led multi-million research and industrial projects over the last 20 years


PhD, MSc CS/EE, MBA, we have the right qualifications.
And we speak 5 languages


From huge corporations to startups, and research labs, we have worked in all settings

About the company

PxC Conseils was founded in 2018, but the co-founders have been working together since 2012. We are on the board of 3 technological startups and have helped dozens of companies, laboratories, founders with their business plans, marketing strategy, R&D roadmaps, innovation planning and project management.


Technology Management
Project Management
Product Management

Facts & Stats

projects delivered
founders coached
companies created
€ funds collected
projects analyzed
100k€ projects managed
coffies since 2012
sleepless nights

Our Services

From thought leadership to strategic analysis, we help you position your organization for sustainable growth.

We can help you become more Agile, more Customer-focused, all the while maximizing your Customer Experience that increases loyalty, repeat business and dereases cost.

By using a systemic approach, we help you improve performance by making sure everyone in your organization delivers on your strategy.
We have a 20+ year expertise in managing complex multi-disciplinary projects (research, industrial, marketing, product, manufacturing, …).

We can act as project consultants, and advise you on the best project management methodologies and process management methodologies, or you can subcontract us to handle your project at your site as project managers embedded within your teams.

Our experience covers almost all Agile methodologies: Scrum, Kanban, Scrumban, Extreme Programming, … Let us help you centralize, organize and manage your multidisciplinary projects. Call us today!
Innovation management covers all aspects of your business: product lifecycle, business processes, marketing strategy and organizational innovation.

We can help you adapt and structure your organization to ever changing and ever faster market conditions, where the product lifecycle of products or services is getting shorter because of increased competition and quicker time-to-market.

Our expertise covers decreasing development, production and market reaction time, without sacrificing quality or missing the needs of the market
Having founded 4 startups as of Dec 2020 and having helped dozens of successful entrepreneurs and “startup-ers” analyze their market dynamics, their product plans, manufacturing needs and business plans in general since 2012, we believe that we are well equipped to help you start your successful startup as well.

Our startup analysis offer also includes optimizing your investment plan by helping you find investors and optimizing your R&D plan to optimize innovation funding through our partner network of financial advisers. Let us help you make your project viable right from the start!
We can help you analyze and optimize your new product or new service plan and roll-out by facilitating research through insights with potential customers and their buying behavior. You can trust us with defining and rolling out your market research through surveys, product testing, focus groups and empirical research.

We will help you craft your market segmentation and product/service differentiation, in order to determine which features are seen as a priority to YOUR customer and optimize your advertising efforts, and marketing spend.
We can help both investors and investees with auditing, collecting and presenting the required information to enable informed decision making by enhancing the amount and quality of information available.

Our due diligence process is particularly tailored to startups and investment-requiring entities. Of course, our process includes financial information. But we also collect information about the management team, the product line and plans, the marketing strategy, the innovation strategy and human resource operations.
You have a brilliant idea, a suspicion of a market and the guts to want to create your own company! This is exciting!
We know, we have gone through this 4 times already.

But it is also hard.

We are here to help you. To coach you. To get the best out of you and make sure that your presentation skills, your grounding and charisma get you to that mountain top. We are the ones working WITH you, to get YOU where you NEED to be in this adventure of a lifetime.
You have an idea of a product, a market, a customer, an ambition, but you don’t really know if it is feasible, if it is nonsense, if it is genius…

Come talk to us and we will brainstorm with you, get creative with you and help you organize your thoughts. Who knows where this could lead you? Give it a chance and call us today.

Just for your inspiration: last year, we had our own brilliant idea and launched a Kickstarter campaign. Check it out by clicking here. Call us today and let’s build your plan going forward!

Meet the Experts

Cyril Condemine

Technical Expert

12 years research
8 years industrial experience

Paul Greve

Marketing Expert

15 years marketing
10 years software development

Our Clients say

Very knowledgeable and personable people.
Paul has been great in helping me build my business plan!
Highly recommended !

B. L.

Startup founder

Without them, our Virtual Reality gaming center wouldn't exist.
It's that simple. Cyril developed the hardware, Paul the software suite. Then they set up the outlet's process. Fantastic!



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